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We thrive for quality service to our customers that made us Customers’ Favorite in state of MA and CT.

We are not only providing services in CT & MA, we are planning on expanding in many parts of the country and are equipped to offer franchise services. Please browse detail on this section to learn about more about our franchise opportunity.

We specialize in providing beauty service to our customer in an alternative way. We provide Threading service over traditional waxing or tweezing, we provide Henna Tattooing service over traditional Tattooing service, we provide Spray Tanning service over traditional Tanning bed, We providing Henna or Natural product for Eyebrows Tinting over traditional practice and not the lease, we use base products for our facial and waxing service to give new experience over traditional facial and waxing services.

GBS practices hassle free Manager Driven Model that doesn’t require prior salon management experience. All we need are some basic skills like Good Communications, Personal Influence & Negotiation, Leadership & People Management, Business Management, Basic financial understanding and Team Management skills to run our locations.

We care for customers’ satisfaction that has made us our customers’ favorite Threading service destination in MA and CT. We safeguard our recognition and work hard to keep it that way.

GBS believe in phrase location, location, location. Weather you are interested in smaller facility or, a larger one to cover entire services that we offer, GBS will work hand in hand with you to find you the right location, or offer you the location we have already finalized. Our smaller salons called GBS Brows Studio are in Malls and smaller to medium size plazas where as our larger salons called GBS Threading & Skincare studio are mainly in medium to larger size plazas.

The New York Times cites a recent Census Bureau Report stating that beauty care is one the few small business industries to grow in the past several years, with the numbers of salons increasing by 8 percent every year. Some of the reasons were, regardless the market condition, it cannot be outsourced or automated, High unemployment rates often benefit the beauty industry as people are in constant search for job and they need to look good, customer may cut back on salon services, but only few will stop visiting altogether and finally Salons are vary services and pricing levels based on customer’s needs and keep up with the business growth.

GBS Brows, Inc. expects employees to practice proper and efficient techniques in performing their duties. Using techniques developed and taught exclusively by GBS Brows, Inc. owned training facilities here in CT and MA. Employees are expected to be self-starters and independent but are required to rely upon proven techniques and to be mentored by senior staff members and managers. Thinking before acting is the proper procedure and results in satisfied customers. We would rather you take a little more time to do a job correctly or to ask for assistance rather than have one unhappy client. Doing so will result in fewer customer complaints, which should always be goal number one.

Once GBS corporate office confirm your engagement with us, we will hand over an Establishment Handy Help (EHH) guide containing our brand guideline and step by step instructions along with all the required contact information to kick in the establishment process. Our team of staffs will help you in every process to insure they meet our guidelines and to assist you throughout the process.

GBS has adopted PC American POS system to its operation. Founded in 1985, pcAmerica has been providing computerized point of sale software solutions to the retail, restaurant, and hospitality industries for over 20 years. This point of sale software solutions are used by both chains as well as single location independent operators, so you not only get to monitor your GBS studios from anywhere in the world, but you can personally control the system and assist your employee remotely if required. 100s of reporting under each categories are available to support and help your business grows and make timely discussion. We are tech savvy and our technical team of staffs are always ready to support you in need.

As we are expanding fast , so you can too . Our low initial investment and multiple format opportunities (GBS Brows and GBS Threading & Skincare models ) will provide you an ability to make usage of you varying funds and own different sizes of studios that meets your need. We encourages our partners to grow with us.

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