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Binda Neupane, founder of GBS Brows was using natural art of hair removal technique called Threading in her native country Nepal. While there were no any school to learn this skill, this technique transferred from one generation to another and one person to another.
One day she went to a salon to get a haircut and she saw someone providing threading service, she amazed about this technique. Right after the hair cut she went to buy a roll of thread and started to practiced her own. Fortunately, she got an opportunity to come to US for work and live. She came to US 2001 and started a job in South Carolina. While she was working she was talking with her co-workers and friends about threading technique and benefits .After a while she had enough clients, and started to providing service at home. She was making enough money to pay her bills while working her spare time at home.
Finding a better opportunity she moved to Connecticut on 2004. While she was doing retail business in Trumbull CT, she thought about to open a threading business. She had an idea to give it a try in a shopping Mall. She started to provide threading service in a cart in Trumbull Mall, CT. Dev Lal Moktan, famous artist from Nepal, contributed to set up and named her business.
Initially, she had to explain and convinced people about this technique. People were watching amazingly while she was performing the service. Sometime she offered free threading service for customers, that way they would know about threading. After a while this technique was so popular for facial hair removal. During this time she trained many people for this unique technique, so they could perform the services. She helped people to understand about this technique and provided confidence and ability to handle a business. After a while her employee, friends and family members were able to open, operate, and manage their own business. Now GBS is not only providing services in CT, GBS is expanded in many parts of the country and able to offer franchise.

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